View Full Version : Animate Iron-Chain Cable

ben martin
03-30-2007, 10:14 AM

I need to animate a long vertical iron-chain cable that is hanging from a high pipe structure.
The fastest way I found was to use "Object/Deform/SplineControl" tool unfortunately the "SplineControl" tool key frames are not editable.
This is annoying specially if some edition are needed to fine tunning the iron-chain cable bouncing. :thumbsdow

For instance if animating a fair long spline during some seconds there is no way to know were are the "SplineControl" key frames because it won't be shown anywhere in the time-line or graph editor. :jam:

So my question is:
Beside bones and this "SplineControl" tool is there any other controllable way to animate a long (300 mts) iron-chain cable?
Or even better, anyone knows if there is any way to edit the SplineControl key frames?

Many thanks!