View Full Version : PhotorealBlur + PathWind = fiber rendering solution?

03-29-2007, 04:12 PM
You seem to have all the required code bits... (so maybe you're already planning this... :p) LW now has : a particle system, a way to move particles along a curve defined by a minimal number of points, and a blur method that can "smear" an item along that curved path... To me, that says "particle-based fibers". ;)

You'd have to add to the particle system so that you could control particle emission on a surface via UV-mapped textures, modify the PathWind code so that it could utilize groups of modeled splines instead of the current "path-between-nulls" method, and then enhance the new PhotoReal blur so that it could yield different results on a per-object basis so that fibers could co-exist with other motion-blurred objects. Add a way to instance objects instead of simple partigons (so that you can create fibers/tubes with actual thickness) and that should put you where you need to be... :)

(Some of these changes could help fix a few things that are currently broken with the new camera types too — like the inability to render single-point polys as the classic camera can.)

03-30-2007, 01:02 PM
Chances are it would look funny with a lot of work, and might be very limited in what you could do with it. Good idea.:agree: