View Full Version : Particles advise

03-27-2007, 07:25 PM
I'm doing this giff where me head is on fire then explodes - here I have the 2nd part of it exploring particles for the 1st time in LW, so its pretty crude, so what ways would one go about exploding a head in LW? I don't really intend to build a head and explode it, as I haven't the time, (tho I'd be interested in how you might do that) In my version tho, I used an image of me like a passport photo, and morphed it about while superimposing some flames, then plan to explode some sort of matter in frame - say - 8 of 16 or so, replacing the pic of self with a stump - maybe a few more frames for a quick spurt of blood (dont know how to go about that yet either - so suggestions please!