View Full Version : Expressions Question 2

06-21-2003, 08:01 AM
After getting no replies to my previous question about expressions I have another simpler one that might get an easier response.

Is there an expression command that can control a bones rotation limit?

To better explain.....

It's already possible to set the Min and Max values to limit a bone using the Controller and Limits Tab in the Motion controls for a bone. Is there a way I can use an expression for the maximum value so that the maximum can vary under different conditions?

All I want to say is

Maximum Bank = 135 - Pitch

I don't fully understand all the syntax for the clamp command. Could this be used for a job like this? Or is there another command that could achieve it?

If the command exists I basically just need to know the syntax of how it works. I can work out the rest after that I would suspect.

Thanks for any help.