View Full Version : Ack, another crazy problem with DVE's

03-20-2007, 03:47 PM
Hello board which is full of helpful folks.. ;)

I have another very odd problem (DVE work is quite interesting) which may be the end of my travels.

I'm creating Digital Video Effects in LightWave which are to be used in TriCaster. The basic requirements are: A plane in the scene with a checkerboard texture gets replaced by Video A in a live broadcast. When nothing is left in the camera's view (just transparency), Video B is seen. So a basic transition involves starting with the plane taking up full frame, then moving out of frame.

Now on to my awful problem. I'm also trying to do a sort of picture in picture (it's basically just a transition that gets paused on a frame where both videos are visible). I had the scene setup like this: Plane A with the checkerboard on the left, a background plane to block out the transparent space, with a clip map used to cut a hole for Video B on the right. With me so far? The problem is that the video that shows through the background plane is not scaled. It is just a portion of the frame. So you end up with a view of half a face or something.

I'm not sure what a possible solution might even look like as I don't see a way to "scale" the transparent background.

Any ideas?