View Full Version : baking a CurveConstraintPath ?

06-20-2003, 02:57 PM
hi there! here is my problem : i have an actor in motion mixer(it's a robot). this actor has only walk cycles. The actor is parented to a null. i make this null follow a curve during a certain amount of frames(let's say until frame 150). so every thing works correctly, the robot follows the curve until frame 150. but at frame 151, it goes back to the initial position it had before applying the CurveConstraint. if i make a keyframe at 151 so it will be exactly where it is at frame 151, my robot doesn't follow the curve anymore, it goes straight to the position of the keyframe i created at 151.. so i think i should bake the curve. How can i do that? if there is another way, other than baking and having many many many keyframes, please tell me...

please help... i thank you for advance, and i hope you'll understand me, my english is really poor.... :(