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03-14-2007, 03:16 AM
Ok im at a loss.

Ive got alot of model data that is symmetrical in design- ie suspension/wishbones, brake assembly of a car. I want to keep the poly count down and avoid using the multiply/duplicate/mirror tool within modler.

Ok, so mirror it in layout right. I can not blumin figure this out though! It just seems to rotate the model in question and not 'mirror' it at all. I could change the scale of the model using minus fiqures which flips the polys which is ok if the surface is double sided. But why oh why is the mirror tool not doing what it implies? Am I being simple or does anyone have any other work arounds?

03-15-2007, 09:43 AM
It sounds like you need to make sure that you are mirroring your geometry over the right axis. After you open the mirror command, hit "n" to open the numerical control panel. Here you can pick an axis and center line. Make sure that Free Rotation is not checked. If it is, you can mirror in any direction, or angle.

Make sure you get rid of the geometry that will overlap each other, or you'll have polygons that you won't need, because they cannot be seen.

Also, you don't have to, but I like to uncheck the merge points box. I like to merge the overlapping points manually by hitting the "m" key. This way I can make sure all of the points that need to merge with each other do just that. Remember, you'll eliminate half the points you are merging.

Finally, unless there's a reason to keep them, I, normally, uncheck the Keep One Point Polygons box when I merge these points.

Hope this helps.

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