View Full Version : Skytracer2 - wierdness - or just me?

03-12-2007, 07:32 AM
Have seen cool enviroments with skytracer, so I'm trying to use it for the first time.

With both Skytracer and Skytracer2, I get a baked cube like in the attached image. All textures created and applied with 100% luminosity, and visible in opengl. The problem is they don't seem to render. Note the blank blue render window in the attached image of my LW workspace.

I've searched this forum, but haven't found any reference to this. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm thinking it must be something simple... or is it a glitch in my system?

(Thought I could save time with Skytracer instead of editing sky photos for my trusty sky dome model that I have used for years, but I'm about ready to bail on Skytracer.)

03-12-2007, 03:26 PM
I had this; never got to the bottom of it, and just didn't bake the images.

Sorry I couldn't help (but I'd also be interested in knowing what I did wrong :) ).

03-13-2007, 08:04 AM
Tribbles, The weird thing is, the images were actually baking for me and were visible in the surfaces panel, the image editor panel, and the opengl screen preview in layout. It seemed to be only the rendering process that couldn't see the images. Since posting the other day, I've experimented with baking to several different image formats. It seems to work for me when baking either to .tga's for a non-compressed format or .jpg's for a compressed format. I still haven't got it to work with any image formats that support more than 8 bits per channel, but since my current project is to be delivered on standard def DVD, it doesn't really matter.

If you haven't already, I recommend trying a few tests, baking to other formats at low res, and see if they work for you.