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06-19-2003, 02:30 PM

well the title says it all!....
a quite neat app that sells for $995...verion 2.1 is free...ideal partner for max n lightwave for stunning enviroments

steve g

06-19-2003, 02:50 PM
:) will have to look to b&n

06-19-2003, 03:00 PM
okay found the news release..it's version2.3 which is even better!

please read it here below:

Hi all

Next issue, we're five years old

So, we've decided to make this a really cool issue, and the first thing we
can reveal is that we're going to be giving away -- for the first time on a
magazine ever! -- Digital Element's WorldBuilder Pro 2.3.

Full details are below -- but this is the real deal. No timeouts, export
limitations, render limits, or anything.

Please let me know that you think


Digit to give away WorldBuilder PRO 2.3 | June 05, 2003

Digit is to give away the complete, commercial version of Digital Element's
award-winning WorldBuilder Pro 2.3 with the next issue, on sale June 26,
2003. World Builder is a professional 3D landscape modelling and animation
tool, and the 699 package is included to help celebrate Digit's fifth

WorldBuilder includes a ton of modelling and atmospherics tools to create
virtual worlds, plus rendering tools and the ability to export to numerous
3D formats.

Even better, WorldBuilder 2.3's powerful renderer is unique. Nearly
everything is animatable, down to individual blades of grass, leaves, and
trees blowing automatically in the wind, using a keyframe system.

The give away is exclusive to Digit magazine - you simply cannot get this
with any other magazine!

WorldBuilder comes with a huge library of preset landscapes, plants and
vegetation, skies, water, rocks, roads, decorations, rainbows, and
waterfalls. Plus, there's also a substantial selection of materials -
everything from rough, rocky textures to grass, snow and concrete. So, it
doesn't take long to build a decent scene just by dragging-&-dropping these
elements into place.

Landscapes are created by drawing a series of skeleton lines - much like
contours, over which the 'skin' of the landscape is 'draped' to form the
surface. It's a bit like building a tent from a framework and then hanging
the material from it.

As with Discreet 3DS Max and other 3D programs, WorldBuilder uses a familiar
four-view setup, so it's simple to learn. It uses objects and materials much
like any other 3D program.

This is the full version, and there are NO timeout or export restrictions.
This is the complete version for you to keep forever!

With WorldBuilder it's easy to produce realistic-looking terrain, even with
just a couple of skeleton lines. You can alter the roughness and steepness
of the skin, and refine it by adding procedural erosion, bump maps, or
displacement maps. WorldBuilder's trees and vegetation are true 3D objects,
and thus suitable for close-up shots. Placing them is simple: you can either
scatter them randomly within a chosen area, or dictate that they should
'grow' only within certain limits, such as within a range of slopes and

WorldBuilder is a superb program - and version 2.3 is yours next month. It
offers almost every feature you could want with a simple interface. You don'
t need to be great at ecology or geology to use it, and render times are

Also included are demos of the latest version (3.5), plus a fantastic
upgrade offer, and a massive collection of tutorials in the magazine.

It's the complete 3D world-building tool. Make sure you reserve the next
issue now!

Digital Element, www.digi-element.com

Best regards
Matthew Bath
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06-19-2003, 03:04 PM
stop makin me by DIGIT, i have MD too now (although i think ive lost the CD's!)

Looks good, does it come wiht the LW plug?