View Full Version : A plea to the Newtek code writers

03-07-2007, 08:36 AM
Can we please please have animating weight maps for charactor animation???

This would sooooo fix many many problems..

I see no downside to it,
We would need less bones, therefore making IK MUCH MUCH faster.

We would get perfect deformations as each point is pulled exactly as user sets it up.

We wouldn't need joint morphs, thereby user having to spend less time on those.

And it wouldn't take much to do as no complete rewrite is needed, just some formula that can be used as an expression.

Most jointed things move in only 1 direction so that's easy to set up (like the knee, elbows, fingers and such) but some move 3 directions (like the hip going front back and out sideways) and some move 4 directions (like the shoulder moves front, back, up, down).

The system would only have to keep track of 2 at once (it would be impossable to use 3 at same time).

By using combination of positive and negative weights, a bone movement could control all muscles of that section, by using a percentage of weight depending on rotation amount.

It would make CA fun