View Full Version : Newbie: legbone chain question (xpost)

06-19-2003, 09:12 AM
Just doine a simple test and have a question: (using LW 6.5b, Mac)

I have created skelegons (3 leg bones) in Modeler and parented them appropriately. Then I load them into Layout (convert to bones) and create a 'main bone null' and a 'Leg goal'. Then I assign IK to the 'Pitch Control' for the thigh and the shin bone and under the 'IK and Modifiers' tab I assign the 'Leg goal' as the 'Goal Object' for the foot bone and enable 'full time IK' for that foot bone.

When I move the goal from in front of the tip of foot back to behind the heel I get the expected walking motion from this leg bone chain. But when I raise the goal high along the Y axis, the leg bone chain does not bend at the knee. (or at least very little)
I did the above assignment of IK and Goal to the same kind of legbone chain which I created in Layout and I DO get the bend at the knee.

So that's it. Pretty simple. I can get a realistic bend at the knee in the leg bone chain created in Layout but not in the leg bone chain created in Modeler. I am sure I am doing something wrong that is pretty basic... Any help is appreciated.

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