View Full Version : FYI - What happened at Kiwavers (NZ LWUG), 18 June 2003

06-19-2003, 04:44 AM
Hi folks

Anyone interested in checking out what went down at last nights New Zealand LWUG can check out this:

As always, a handful of stuff from me - A few cool CG woman generated with LightWave from the net, plenty of videos such as the MTV Awards with Gollum and the 5-parts of the Embassy Showreel. Thanks to Stuart who had an old 1997 Wavefront (Boo! Hiss!) showreel to fill in while we waited for stragglers to appear! :)

I also had the latest DAVESchool student showreel (http://www.daveschool.com) for those who wondered what kind of work this school was producing. Interesting watch, specially hearing the students talk over how they created their 'PsychoPump' project.

I also followed that with the old Foundation Imaging showreel that Larry kindly left with us a while ago... Its always cool to watch, seeing plenty of high-quality LightWave animation!

I also had the Newtek Sampler Paq DVD on hand, however its pretty primitive 'introductory' material I felt may have been a bit too 'below' most of the people at the meeting...

Surprise - I had nothing of my own to show for once! Everyone looked relieved for some strange reason? lol! :D

However I was extremely happy to have been able to present a showreel from Karl Butler (nice to see such great work), a handful of student projects from Natcoll courtesy of Kevin Sharpe, a funky Bouncy eye animation from Logan (who was 'bored' at the time - Please be bored more often, your stuff is great!) and some work from AUT students was shown later on from Stuart.

All in all, very cool to get so much really cool stuff to show from people out there using LightWave! Keep it up!

And add to the show and tell, Petrik who took the initiative of showing his character work at the meeting in the hope to get some advice and pointers to where to go next with his character. This is something I would encourage anyone else to also take advantage of, getting feedback and critique, tips and comments from the group...

Between a handful of us, we managed to cover some ideas such as improving the crotch area and creating some 'belly' details. (at the same time helping other people with similiar questions)

Another user, Craig, also took the chance to ask about some modelling work he'd been doing on a personal 'room project which was looking extremely nice BTW! Those of you on this list might recall his question on mirror texturing! Was nice to meet up with some of the names that frequent the mailing list (and put a face to that name!)

I quickly covered a new plugin called 'Ripple_s' that was fantastic at producing everything 'ripply' from Boat wakes to Rain drops! I quickly demoed how to generate a boat wake, use a null to generate a lot of rain droplets and also looked at using the plugin with subd geometry as well as normal geometry.

You can source the plugin here: http://www1.odn.ne.jp/saw/index.html

The rest of the evening was filled up with a good look at Caustic creations from LightWave - The effect of light reflection and refraction! I did a few demos of all the settings in the Caustics settings, and then also followed it up with some suggested experiments from people on how it would work with a variety of adjustments, from transparency gradients using the new 'Surface Thickness' option through to the use of negative refraction indexes to create some really cool looking patterns!

I briefly mentioned how to create a glow effect using gradients on geometry (rather then a lens flare) - This was more of a 'tip' then an actual tutorial (since I didn't really do anything but show a render I'd done)

I also reviewed a cool little tutorial by Polikarpov on faking lighting probes from normal images for compositing. I had the web page available, then followed it up with a few small example photo's I'd taken, and how to modify them in photoshop using the Distort filter 'Polar Coordinates'. A cool idea - I'll try and do some real examples for the next meeting...

The meeting finished before 10:00pm - A record I guess in that sometimes things drag on for hours!

A mega-big thanks to all the people who came - Great turnout (I think I counted 16+ people!) and plenty of banter between people... Seems our meetings are slowly going from the 'Kevin Presents everything' to something more that is resembling what I always hoped the LWUG would become - A cool place to share knowledge, get together, meet, etc.

Roll on July!


PS. Don't forget August is coming - And that's the LW World Tour - You don't have much time before it will be too late to sign up.