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02-28-2007, 01:21 PM
Here's my story- have a Rainbow Dongle from LW 7 on my Mac - I had successfully installed LW9 on my computer, and upon getting a new Mac, successfully installed LW9 on it as well. Last week, my computer crashed, and I needed to reinstall OSX - when I got the box up and running again, I needed to reinstall LW because it couldn't find the dongle- After many unsuccessful attempts at reinstalling the dongle drivers according to directions, I went back to my old machine (which still recognized the dongle) and noticed that my old computer had an eve3.framework folder inside the System's Library. My new installation did NOT put an eve3.framework folder inside the System's Library- I copied the eve3.framework folder that was "installed" on the new box into the System's Library, and restarted- still no dongle. I then went back to my working machine, and took a look at the Eve3 file that was in Eve3.frameworks folder on the working machine and noticing that the code was different than the newly installed (non-working) Eve3 file, I copied the whole eve3framework directory from the working computer into System/Library/Frameworks on the non-working machine. This time, after a restart- I launched LW, and to my great happiness, noticed that LW had found my dongle!!!!!

Hopefully this info might help someone- I know it was killing me for the past week working on a much slower machine with a much faster one idling away!!!:D

03-01-2007, 07:02 PM
Glad you got yours to work, but I don't have an existing installation to figure out what should really be there on my system.

03-01-2007, 07:32 PM

Do you still have your LW 7 installation disk? I just ran a test on my MacBookPro laptop- first, I "disabled the dongle" by deleting the Eve3 framework folder from the System's Library (Yes, I successfully got LW running on this machine by just copying that elusive folder)

I ran LW, and it didn't detect the dongle- then, I found an Eve3framework folder on my LW7 installation disk, dragged a copy of that folder into System/Library/Frameworks folder on laptop, and Voila! the next time I ran LW, it found the dongle again!!! - so it looks like all you need is the old Eve3frameworks folder from the LW7 disk!

If you don't have a LW7 installation disk- email me- [email protected]

03-02-2007, 07:29 AM
My LW7 disk is Windows only. I have now tried the LW8 and 9 Mac disks, and the LW 9.2 beta, and still no luck. I have the eve3 framework folders in both library/frameworks and system/library/frameworks as recommended in other threads, and still no dongle found.

So much for Macs being easier to use. Sheesh!!