View Full Version : HardFX Simulation /Edit in key frames

02-23-2007, 01:08 AM
Hi there I have a basic question about HardFX?
Working in LW 8.3
I have a scene where I am animating underground mining machinery. I have rocks with little geometry and I have applied hardfx to them each. I have a machine with a scoop to pushes the rock onto a rock and sand dump. I have several collision objects witch is ground, scoop, scoop loader and rock/sand dump. The lose rocks all have hardfx applied.

QuestionIs the real idea behind calculating dynamics to get an average simulation that you like or can live with and then using the EditFX tap to convert yr simulation to key frames in witch then you could edit and fix up where the rocks fall too much or move too little?
Look Iím sure we all know that to edit all those keys is a big job Iím talking about a 10sec clip and if it has too be done would that be the right route to follow.
Otherwise should I forget about calculating dynamics and just key frame the whole simulation or rocks too where I want them to be in my animation can anybody help?