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Paul Goodrich
02-22-2007, 03:03 PM
Finally bit the bullet and upgraded to LW9. Couple of questions:

1. Can I have 8.5 and 9 on the same computer and is there a safe way to do this.

2. What's the most stable version? 9.0, 9.2 (which I think still open beta, right?)
or some specific build that I should be using.

3. Any issues with my Worley plugIns or other plugIns that I should know about?

Thanks much.
Paul Goodrich

Darth Mole
02-22-2007, 03:38 PM
1. Yeah, you can run both versions - never done it with 8.5 and 9.0 so not sure of the right way to go about it (configs, etc). The two versions can happily co-exist, although you'll need to set up your contents folder so they (and you) don't get confused.

2. The most stable version hasn't been made yet! I'm hoping the forthcoming UB will be it. Depends on what you do really - I think some users might favour one version over another for certain tasks.

3. None that I can think of. All my plugs have worked okay in 9.0 so far. Might be a few issues with G2 I seem to recall...

02-22-2007, 06:28 PM
I have *no* problem starting up 8.5 every once in a while, or 8.2, 8.3 and 7.5, I think they use the same config file, which is what I want anyway -

02-22-2007, 09:01 PM
There's no problem keeping many different versions. Here's what I do.

In the Applications folder I have a LightWave folder.
Inside that I have a LightWave [850] folder and a LightWave [900] folder.
Inside each of those I've made a Configs folder.
See the attached image.

Then in each Programs folder you just edit the the LightWave cmdLine, Hub cmdLine and Modeler cmdLine files.

The 8.5 versions all have this line in them:
-c"MacHD:Applications:LightWave:LightWave [850]:Configs"

And the 9.0 versions all have this in them:
-c"MacHD:Applications:LightWave:LightWave [900]:Configs"

This way each version of the programs use isolated config files inside their own Configs folder. Works like a charm.


BTW: Version 8.5 and version 9.0 use different named configs anyway, so if all you're running is 8.5 and 9.0 you don't really need to do this, but this lets you run multiple versions of 8 and/or 9 and keep everything separate.

03-07-2007, 09:53 AM
Im glad this thread exists, i am upgrading to 9 on monday and this information will be most useful, thanks.

On a side note, Anyone know if there are any plans to get macs running LW in 64 bit? I will be in the market for a new computer soon and almost at the point where i want to switch back to PC just for that one reason tho i really really want one of those nice quad core xenon macs :)

03-07-2007, 10:19 AM
Hi 3DeeNut,

Any specific plans regarding Leopard's 64 bit compatibility cannot be discussed due to NDAs regarding Leopard. Just know that we know what Leopard is, and that we plan on doing 'the right thing'. And that we obviously can't set a timetable for when that will happen, as there is no solid release date for Leopard yet.