View Full Version : really annoying dialogue boxes with FXLink

02-19-2007, 07:42 PM
I've got a scene where I've FXLinked a zillion little objects to some particle emitters, and what's annoying the hel.. crap out of me is that every time I select one of these critters the FXLink dialogue box pops up for it. What's more it's modal, so that I can't just ignore it. I'm sure this never happened in 8.x. Its a really stupid piece of user interface design, there's absolutely no need for it to appear at all, and having it modal is just ridiculous. You fix now please Newtek! (he says, knowing full well that it will never ever be fixed..)

PS. I just love the way this discussion forum is censored by the Trailer Trash Taliban. I can't mention a word that appears numerous times in the bible but I can say crap, and bollocks.. and wankel rotary engine..