View Full Version : "Dogfights" ala History Channel

Ty Catt
02-13-2007, 09:28 AM
Hey guys,

For those who have seen the show "Dogfights" on History Channel...

Anyone have any pointers to set up those nice atmospheric settings?

I have been tweaking lighting, surfaces, maps, etc. for weeks trying to find optimal settings, and I just can't nail them good enough.

Can it be done with only LightWave, or or they using third-party stuff.

Is it done with particular radiosity settings, Sky Tracer (don't laugh, I like Sky Tracer), Texture Environment, ugh.

My biggest problem is that lighting is good in one position, but is blown once the plane banks hard or dives.

Would anyone even mind attaching a sample scene? (Not trying to steal all your hard work, I just learn better from turning things off and on and seeing how they interact with each other.:D )

Thanks, guys.


Ty Catt
02-13-2007, 10:27 AM
Here's a still of what I have so far...