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02-12-2007, 04:53 PM
I want make a car in modeller. I was thinking what modelling metod will be the best for this project. I was thinking that Sketch tools will be the best for painting a splines but after few test I discovered that bezier are much better than Sketch Tools. But I have one problem. When I'm making bezier line I'm adding points. For example i made tree points. Bezier tool have only delete last poit option but he doesnt have add point. I can't make additional point between two points who I just made. For me this is a problem becouse when I'm making a splines i must predicting how many bezier points[I don't know what is the best name for it] I will used for one spline, becouse when i will be editing bezier line i can't add any bezier point.
Can any one help me ??

02-12-2007, 11:51 PM
Yeah, the bezier spline does not let you add a point to it. All you can do is in the numeric panel, change how many points are inbetween.

One thing to note about bezier splines is that it is not like slpines in say, photoshop where you have a complete curve object. What bezier does is create separate curves that are joined at the ends.

(You would get the same thing by welding two curve points together and you have a sharp edge. You would get the same thing here by splitting a curve - the sharp corner.)

You have merge them and then activate Detail/Curves/Smooth. At this point you will have a smothed curve that you can edit As you would a normal curve. After smooth, you will see a bezier-type handle showing where you split it in plolygon select mode.

So in effect Bezier curve is only good while you create the curves. Handy but limited.

Also look into end control and start control on regular curves as well as spline draw if yo have not already. It is a handy bezier-type edit funtion but for curve start/ends only.

If you really like working with curves - some people do - there is a great plugin available:


Otherwise there are many tutorials out there for spline patching. Some here on this site.

Also take a look into subpatch modeling or a combination of both as an alternative method.

Hapy modeling. :)

02-13-2007, 01:03 PM
Also, I just downloaded LWCAD version 1.5 This version comes free with LW9 upgrade or purchase till the end of this month I believe. (It is now up to 2.1 I think). But this version is free right now. You might want to check that out too. It does some interesting things with curves. It is not meant for organic modeling but some of the tools may be useful to you just the same.