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02-11-2007, 10:05 PM
Hopefully the right party sees this:

1. Making selections is very difficult; I have to zoom way out to set a parameter (x,y,z r,h,p, whatever) properly. Selecting a bone often results in a completely wrong bone getting selected, or worse an unrelated item like a light or camera. REALLY frustrating.

2. Working with limits on bones, etc with IKB: having "reset value" and "reset limit" right next to each other in the pop-down menu is dangerous. Its too easy to make a mistake and have to re-do a limit already set. Simply putting a divider between the choices would help.

3. If there were a way to increase the size of display elements ( size of limit "pie slices" handles, etc) would be usefull. Maybe something that works like the [ and ] which scale the grid would be nice. Too bad those keys don't do anything with IKB.

4. If there were a way to see limits in the schematic view that would be great. That could make it easy to get very cluttered, but if there was a way to turn it on/off it would work well.

Hopefully stuff like this will make it into a future release.

02-12-2007, 06:38 AM
I'll add one as well:

Default save and retrieve path options for Poses and Motions are not set properly, could they be re-pointed in line with the Content Manager and Project Folder?

@G3D, to (hopefully) help a bit with No. 1, turn on X-ray and use the middle mouse to select on Bones rather than nodes when you're in trouble. No 4 is curious, how would it work / how would you use it? (i havent used the schematic view in ages, I had forgotten about it, so I'm probably not getting the most out of it...)