View Full Version : Inherit without replacing?

02-08-2007, 05:56 AM
Is there a way to get a new clip to inherit all the settings of a clip in the timeline without replacing it?

Alt dragging just replaces the existing clip - but I need both on the timeline at the same time.



Randy Rouse
02-08-2007, 06:24 AM
Hold the ctrl key and drag out a copy of the original and alt inherit with the new clip.

02-08-2007, 06:25 AM
Ahhhh!!! Thank you! I was trying to follow the manual's example but it wasn't that clear.


02-08-2007, 06:34 AM
Supposedly you could save the clip settings as a preset in the toolshed and then apply any number of clips now or later but it will take a little longer to do than what Randy said.

02-08-2007, 08:51 AM
From the manual:

Drag Copying

We’ve mentioned the Cut, Copy and Paste functions above, along with their keystroke equivalents. SpeedEDIT offers another great copying convenience: if you hold down the Ctrl key before you start dragging a clip or selection of timeline items, you make a copy of the object(s) at the location where you release the mouse button. The source items remain in place.

This is a great way to quickly copy a clip … unless, of course, you just wanted to move it -- if you do this by mistake you’ll leave unwanted copies in the wake of your mouse. Remember the earlier hint (from Section 2.2 Cut Copy, Paste) regarding the usefulness of multi-selection copy/paste operations when combined with Inherit – this is a dynamite way to quickly flesh out project ‘templates’ for regular use.