View Full Version : VGA input???

02-07-2007, 08:13 PM
I work as a system designer for churches and just came from three today that want to capture their services to DVD or DV. The issue is many use Media Shout. Why can't there just be a VGA input on the box to run Media Shout or any other computer into the machine as a fourth source or for keying? It appears the scan converter is built in already. I would bid this out tomorrow but for this one issue with the box. It has such potential! One church wants to record direct to DVD, the other wants to record the service, then edit in heads and tails clips, dump it to mini DV and send it to the local cable access channel. If it could just do the keying, things would be set. Even if it meant choosing either the iVga or a local VGA as an input, it would be worth it.

Scott Tomashek