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02-05-2007, 10:12 AM
I thought I’d post some rendering times on different machines for those who are interested in workflows and speed differences. My test object is a model of a crate from Dan Ablans training DVD. Radiosity was on and medium antialiasing with a 9 pass setting was set. Volumetric lighting was used. This was modeled in Lightwave 9 and a single frame at 720x486 px was rendered. mm:ss. The thread count is noted as well.

Dell 700m laptop, 2.16 Intel – Vista Ultimate 32 bit – 2 gigs ram, 1 thread, - 57:47
AMD FX-60, 2 gigs ram, Win XP Pro 64 bit, 2 threads, - 31:39
G5 2.7 dual, 8 gigs ram, OS-10.4, 2 threads, - 53:40
Mac Pro 266, 4 gigs ram, OS-10.4, 4 threads, - 41:07 (non-intel native version)
Mac Pro 266, 4 gigs ram, Win XP Pro 32 bit, 8 threads, 12:06

This is a great test because it doesn’t care about the video cards and disc or i/o for that matter. It is pure processing power.

With the mac pro running windows, I have 8 threads to pound these things out. Other than bumping up to the 3 gHz machines, this is the fastest beast out (commercially available). I can’t wait for the quads.

Regards and pleasant Monday to all,