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01-31-2007, 04:33 PM
Ok - Not being the most technical in terms of PC/Mac setups, though I do know how to build my pwn PC if I need to, I had a thought today. With all the recent kerfuffle over hub issues, the various graphics card recommendations, the new OSs coming out and so forth, I was thinking, NewTek obviously test LW on certain systems. Could they offer a system that is fully tested inhouse with Lightwave to minimise problems?

This could be anything from a list of recommended components (if that's possible) to a complete system that NewTek will sell on. It would be great to go to NewTek's site (US or Europe) and find a section on 'suggested hardware' - even if it's prebuilt systems like Macs or major PC vendors.

I'm not asking the impossible of a 100% guaranteed system, just a pointer at which computers/components to consider/not consider :)

Any mileage in this?