View Full Version : ScreamerNET faster than Layout...

01-27-2007, 04:13 AM

I'm doing some testrenders for a project and discovered that ScreamerNET renders faster than Layout. I turned off the Preview-window in Layout and the frame took 1m 30s 1 thread.

Using Muster and making sure it is configured to only render 1 thread, the same frame took 1m 18s.

Have any other seen this behaviour?

01-27-2007, 05:51 AM
for doing test renders or background renders on one machine, it works great! definetly faster in my experience, maybe because of less overhead for display purposes? seems reasonable enough :)

01-27-2007, 06:03 AM
Yes. On the 303 frames I render I'll actually save 303 x 12 s = 3636 seconds...

That is more than an hour of saved rendertime using SN compared to hit F10 in Layout... :)