View Full Version : Lightwave / WireFusion / Touch Sensor Madness!

01-23-2007, 10:10 PM
Here's my basic set up:

1) I have a cabinet:
Closed: http://www.azuritedesign.com/LW/cabinetclosed.jpg
Open: http://www.azuritedesign.com/LW/cabinetopen.jpg

2) I set the pivot point of the door on the hinge.

3) Frame 0, the cabinet is closed.

4) Frame 24, the cabinet is open.

5) I exported the object as a VRML file with embedded objects. and it imports just fine as a 3D object or 3D world in WF. BUT!

A) The door wants to act as a touch sensor for whatever reason. I want the door handle to be the touch sensor.
B) I cannot disable a touch sensor in LightWave or can I?

... that's pretty much it for now.

01-23-2007, 10:34 PM
I should hire myself as an IT support specialist... wait, that's kinda what I do.

IT TURNNNNNS out that all I had to do was crack open the VRML code, down'er on line 400 billion and set this line:

DEF CabinetTopLeft_TLDoor_ClickDetect TouchSensor { enabled TRUE }

to FALSE. In Wirefusion I zero'd in on the door handle and specifically made that a touch sensor that activated my animation toggle on/off.

Tomorrow is going to be a brighter day... now perhaps I should develop a bigger door handle (easierly-clicked).

:lightwave ... sort of.