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01-22-2007, 07:53 PM

So. I'm sitting here working on web stuff, and crack open a bottle of wine. After the first glass I start stairing at the bottle opener thinking... I can model this. (Granted I brand new to Lightwave all of about 4 days now)

http://www.azuritedesign.com/Bottle Opener/endresult.jpg

During glasses 2-4, I've scanned in every angle I can get off my scanner and start addin' background images and modeling away. Long after the buzz wore off, I could only think to myself, what have I gotten myself into.

5 hours later, I sit here posting what was, and what I created off of some computer scans. I'm particularly proud of the spiral chromed cork thing.

As the South African's would commonly say, "Rule #1, Get More Wine"


p.s. I'm putting this away as finished art before I waste any more time on this thing. It's going to be a prop in a 3D scene later on. Which I will post later :-)

01-23-2007, 11:52 PM
This series is something I'm doing for a client who wants an interactive "Design My Kitchen" for her business. I hope to keep using this tread to post the pieces as I build them. For example, here's some cabinets I did exporting the model and animating the pieces. Hint: Try clicking on the door handles :) (Exported in to WireFusion 4.1.20)