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01-22-2007, 08:43 AM
I have an immidiate need to create a 3D world importable into WireFusion as a 3D world object. Anyone have a good resource on where and how to begin? Or just want to talk about the process? I want to create a simple kitchen with cabinets, countertop, and an island in the middle. I've been playing around with the various pieces in modeler, combining unioning etc for doors, and played with animations inside the layout.

For whatever reason, I still cannot grasp the idea of having a complex object, hitting the UV button, and it spitting out all the pieces in a 2D that I can export ?? however ?? and reimport as a texture map that cleanly adhere's to the object where detail is important. Something hasn't "clicked" in my mind yet.

Can you help me unlock the mystery of a room?

01-22-2007, 09:30 AM
Start doing tutorials and reading books/watching DVDs on the subject. I would start with something simple and practive your UV skills on it before jumping to complex objects. Have to walk before you can run.

01-22-2007, 09:38 AM
I've watched and read just about every tutorial from Newtek on the subject. The closest one I've found is the one about UV mapping a head video. At the end of the video the narrorator simple says, "Here's your UV Texture Map. Now all you have to do is paint it in your favorite program and import it back in and map it to your head" !!!! HOW! That's the most critical part of the tutorial and the guy just goes through and assumes that that is easy. I'm sure it is, but that's the part I need desperately. All the unsuccessful mappings I've done so far are pretty lame and evolved only due to trial and error. http://www.azuritedesign.com/profile.php

01-22-2007, 11:17 AM
Take a look at this:


More advanced, but I think this has some of the info in particular that you need:

To find more, go here:

I wish I could be of more help, but UV mapping is one of the things I have never bothered with learning, but it's on my list. Like I said, start simple, like with a cube.

01-22-2007, 01:36 PM
I think I figured out my problems; all 10 billion of them. Sheesh! http://www.azuritedesign.com/LW/box.lwo

Let me count the things I was doing wrong:
1) Textured needed to be Atlas Across Discontinuous Edges
2) I exported the UV Texture as an EPS WITHOUT the grid.
3) I remembered that Photoshop exports jpgs weird or maybe I'm stupid and don't know the correct way to file > save...
3b) I opened up and re-exported the jpg from Fireworks, which corrected the image.
3z) ...which explained why going straight from photoshop to image editor (F6) and getting a distored stretched gray image as the file, and it wouldn't load as a weblink.
4) I created a new surface (g) and named it whatever. (if you open the .lwo file above, the surface is Texture 2, but the UV Map surface texture is Texture 3. I know I need to work on my naming conventions ;-)
5) I had to assign the projection to UV, the UVMap to Texture 3, WITH the good jpg image.

So, as I smack my head, creating a "room" per say, is just making sure that after I create my cube, I copy and paste and flip the polys (turn them inside out), then while they're selected, create a new UV Map, again atlas across.., when I paint the walls of my inner cube and remap it. Visually I shouldn't see anything on the outside, but if I take my camera view to the INSIDE, I should see my artwork. The same would apply to making a 3D world with rooms etc.

That was probably the steepest learning curves I've had in a long while. Glad it wasn't difficult.

Thanks again,