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01-17-2007, 05:38 PM
Just curious if anyone noticed this.

The 2D brick texture seems correct but if you load up the 3D brick texture node it is inverted. That is, the mortor is the FG and the Brick is the BG.

The manual has it both ways in the same tutorial. They are showing how you can use a turbulent patern to effect the mortor more than the brick on the bump channel..

Finally disconnect the Color output of the Turbulent Noise node from the Fg color of the Bricks node...

We want a very rough bump map for the mortar areas and a very subtle bump map on the brick face areas.

This would or should leave your turbulent patern on the mortor in the Bg.

However the mortor is in the Fg.

Then here they have it as the brick pattern is actually is:

Since the Bricks (2) node is an identical copy of the one being used to define the surface color decreasing the Value of the Bg Color will produce more subtle or less “amplified” bumps on in the brick face areas. Increasing the Value of the Fg Color will produce stronger rougher bumps in our mortar areas.

But if you follow this second example and even switch the colors your brick bump will still be inverted. That is, the mortor is sticking out not in. So you have to select inverted for the thing to work.

This should be fixed I think as it can cause a bit of confusion when doing complex texturing. Even without the manual you'd find it odd and be scratching your head trying to figure out why your bump is not facing the right way. This is inconsistant with the other patterns such as 2D grid, Parquet etc. where the line is the BG color. On the 3D side, Viens seems correct but Honey Comb and 3dGrid seem backwards.

Even if this is "normal", problem is your bumps are going to be backwards from what you expect and lastly they did not mention that in the manual so I am going to assume it is a mistake. To make it correct you'd have to press invert.

1) Brick 3D default 2) Brick 2D default. 3) The problem with just switching the colors 4) The correct look but inverted has to be selected.

01-17-2007, 09:41 PM
Ah- another charming quirk of Nodes. Thanks for pointing it out--you probably saved me an hour or so of pulling my hair out somewhere down the line!

01-17-2007, 10:16 PM
Just hope I am right about this one. Seems definately backwards. If it holds up under more scrutiny I'll put it over int the bug section.