View Full Version : Loading/Saving Menu configs Broken?

01-16-2007, 10:57 AM
Can someone confirm if the attached Layout menu config totally and 100% corrupts Layout 9.0... as in causes ALL buttons and tabs to disappear?

Configs for menus and keys were tediously hand crafted in 8.5 and work just fine in Modeler 9.0 (that is, the files saved separately for menus and key shortcuts) and the key config for Layout loads just fine in to 9.0. It's just the menu layout config that is wrecking havoc.

If it does corrupt your Layout, is this a known Bug? You can simply select one of the presets to get layout back to normal.

Then try this... after loading in the config (Edit Menu Layout Panel's Load button), Save the config as a new file and open that up in Notepad. All the level 2 and 3 entries are GONE! Just the roots remain, but nothing displayed on the interface.

Also, I cannot SAVE ANY of the preset menu layouts... all that is saved is two lines... "MenuEntry 131072 1 GraphEditor" and "MenuEntry 131072 3 _"

This is happening on all ten of our workstations.

01-16-2007, 03:12 PM

I must have had a bad Layout menu config format or something, because I took my L9 config from home and it loaded just fine back on the school installs of LW. So, does anyone know if the numbers after "Menu Entry" have a special meaning?

For example, the bad config has this...

MenuEntry 131072 1 GraphEditor
MenuEntry 65538 "Bottom Edge" _
MenuEntry 65537 "Main Menu" _

The good config has this...

MenuEntry 131072 1 GraphEditor
MenuEntry 65547 "Top Group" _
MenuEntry 65546 "Main Menu" _

All the other 'root' category numbers are different in the 'bad' config versus the 'good' config, as well. Strange... not sure where I got that single 'bad' file from... thought for sure it was the same one I just got from home where I've never had an issue, ever.

Is there anything in the SDK about the file format of saved menu & key configs that would explain the number and category order discrepancies?

01-18-2007, 03:11 PM
Hmmm... no takers?

How about this... can anyone SAVE out any of the menu presets (to text files)?

For example, if I select the Production Studio preset in Layout, then Save it as a text (cfg) file and open it in Notepad, there's nothing in it except two lines... one for graph editor and one for main menu. Where's the rest of the entries for each button and tab? It does the same for any preset.

Interesting, eh?

01-18-2007, 11:20 PM
No - you cannot save the presets directly. LW will do exactly as you say. What you need to do is make LW think you changed something. Drag over a plugin entry, add a group, anything to register a change. Then delete whatever change you made. You'll find you can now save the menu set up and a large file will appear on your disk.

This is true in both Modeler and Layout; it makes some sense when you think about it. If you are using the preset, there's no reason for LW to save more than it needs to.