View Full Version : Details view needs LENGTH Column

01-16-2007, 06:56 AM
Just stumbled across this one. What an oversight.

in the details view in the editor or filebin etc.

Right Click on the column and there is not a LENGTH selection. The VT has it but not the TriCaster. DOH!

Length is one of those things that broadcasters use all the time.

01-23-2007, 09:19 AM
yeah, that would help with the DVE length as well. I did send this as a bug the first day I had a tricaster pro.

It's hard to be precise without control over length.

As a strange workaround, I take a timecode still and stretch it tod 30 seconds and make that the layer at the top of the screen and all of my video elements will cover it. Now I have a reference and when I try to demonstrate how to make a quick 30 second spot in TCP. At this time, I have been able to dance around it, but it's about the biggest gaffe I have seen in an editor. When they started gutting VT-EDit to create Media Editor, this feature has been scrapped.

I bet we see a patch now. I am amazed that so few have noticed. This makes me think that most users are live switching, and any editing is only to cut segments from that capture.