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06-18-2003, 10:22 AM
I'd *really* like to talk to someone involved in development at Newtek (please email me an email address of someone to talk to, Newtek! You have my email address.)

Since I got my Lightwave 3.5 for my Amiga a short while ago, I've been visiting aminet and Amiga-oriented websites, and chatting on Amiga-oriented IRC channels. From this, I've learned that there's a strong possibility that LW will run under OS4.0, even on the new AmigaOne. The AmigaOne has PCI slots. So immediately my mind goes, "Hey, I wonder if Newtek ever started work on mixing the old VT software with the new VT hardware on the AmigaOne?"

So have you guys at Newtek devoted even so much as a sub-assistant janitor to updating LW for the AmigaOne, or (okay I'm dreaming...) even getting the PC version of the Toaster to work in it? I've asked similar questions before and gotten the same response you'd get from an empty room that never heard of the Amiga. I'm not mad about that, but I would like some info, if possible, please. I'll even sign an NDA. Two NDAs.

I'm considering getting back into Amiga development once OS4.0 is out, and if Newtek is considering updating Lightwave for it, that's an arena I'll stay out of (or I'll work on plug-ins maybe.)

(Now if Newtek were interested in sponsoring development of updated Amiga versions of its software...... :D)

06-18-2003, 12:16 PM
Interesting suggestion but I suspect the current generation of Amiga One computers are too slow (both CPU and bus-wise) to run an effective 'Toaster 2 or 3 setup (ideal setup for T[3] being dual 2.0+ ghz Xeons).

Obviously the 'Toaster [2] can make do with a lot less (there are people out there using PII's to run it) but I suspect if the 'Toaster hits another platform anytime soon (which doesn't seem likely anyway) it's probably going to be x86 Linux.

What would obviously be of interest to existing 'Toaster 4000 users (and there's still quite a few around) though would be whether they can use Cyberstorm PPC cards under OS4 to run the Amiga Video Toaster software significantly faster than on 68k Amigas.

Have you seen the Amiga ColdFire accelerators? They're super-fast 68k accelerators which I suspect Amiga LightWave 3D would run very nicely on. Still in development at the moment but they look very nice :)