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Reece James
01-08-2007, 05:29 AM
Lookie here (http://packrat.plebsquad.com/rj/T4T/).

Hey guys, one more render from me this week. A 40 second animation named TIT-FOR-TAT. This has taken about 250 hours of rendering to complete at 1280x720 30fps. Due to this being part of my assignment for my course I can't put the full HD version up online.

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

01-08-2007, 01:18 PM
haha, great job, although in my experiences, the blue screen tends to be lighter in color. ;)

01-08-2007, 10:11 PM
Does that say "The Application Finder quit unexpectedly"?

That's hilarious.

Incredible render.

My fav Mac error has always been: "The application 'unknown' has unexpectedly quit."

01-09-2007, 12:39 AM
Fabulous! (did I just say fabulous???) STUPENDOUS! (there, I feel much more masculine now...)

Really though, it's great work Reece. As for the screen lighter or darker, can the texture be set up for the screen to lighten and darken depending on the computer's orientation to the camera like some sort of incidence angle (or did you do that already? (or would that be as simple as using an envelope on the surface's luminosity)).

The same way these flat screens do when viewed from a "higher or lower than recommended" angle or when viewed from one extreme side or the other.

01-09-2007, 08:17 AM
Nice job Reece. The music is perfect for it.


01-09-2007, 10:03 AM
Very creative. I love it. Very exciting to watch and good camera movement. Two crits come to mind:

1. Sound effects for the running around. Not to over power the music, but some shuffling or running sounds would add weight and reality to the movement. We can hear them error out so sound in your environment is not a void.

2. Give the viewer a tag more time (not a lot) to notice the large Apple cube before its blast of energy. Everything else is so energetic, it gets lost till the blast. Add some suspense with a little more lead it. Right now it's startling if that's what you're after.


01-09-2007, 11:54 AM
I thought, at first, there was only the image, but found the link for the film. HILARIOUS!!!! Being a former PC user made it so much funnier. The CD eject gag was just perfect.


Reece James
01-10-2007, 06:19 AM
Well I had the 30 second limit, I wanted to do so much more with it, but I had to keep telling myself to keep it short and sweet. Even now I'm over my time limit. The rush works well (although wasn't originally intended) and the plot certainly sustains for the 40 seconds. Also, as far as audio goes, I'm really bad at it. The lecturers also have said that there hasn't been an assignment with sound ever. (This course has been running for many years) So I'm hoping to set a benchmark with this.

It would be a while ago, but I think I setup the iMac's screen with an incidence angle. However it is very subtle and as it turns, it doesn't quite reach the angle left or right where it blacks out in the footage. I didn't worry about up and down. I thought that as it walked it would kinda get annoying.

The iMac's bezel took a lot of planing and experimentation. It behaves the same as my iMac's, but it is too clear. Personally I like it clear, but it should be slightly more opaque.

Yes that is "The Application "Finder" has quit unexpectedly." I opened up a bad .mkv file in VLC and scrubbed until it crashed then photoshopped it up. The pictures that annoy the PC are done by editing the video source in PhotoBooth with a photo I took in scene.

The CD is a pain in the butt. When I have more time, I'll animate the final scene where the CD rolls and falls down and the camera centers on "The End" written ontop of it. Unfortunately I just ran out of time for the assignment. There was also going to be an opening where it spits out the CD really fast and causes the PC to bluescreen with the title, but also, not enough time.

I wanted to hint at the Cube in the reflection as it turns to run. Um, I can see how it is a tad fast, and I really wanted the shockwave slower, but I had to keep the speed up. As it was I delayed the shockwave by 8? frames than what I originally had it.

The walkcycle for the iMac took a while to create. First I had to learn what I needed to do and then try to keyframe it. In the end I'm happy with it. The Dells took about an hour. The walk cycle just seemed obvious and it worked really well.

The Blue screen is taken as a screenshot I found on google images. Maybe a bit dark, but oh well.

I've kept the models simplified for a number of reasons. Mainly to make them appear more as characters than computers. Originally the iMac had the hole in the stand with the decals for the ports and the power plug and fan. I canned this as it just didn't look like a character anymore. I didn't leave the perforation of the RAM cover in though, thought it looked cool.

The Dell is the same, simplified. The monitor I wanted to look like an ugly growth, so I took the rough dimensions and went for my life. It works.

To get the render times down, this was not rendered with radiosity, nor ray traced shadows. I was getting around 8-18 minutes depending on whether the cube was in the shot or not. With radiosity, I was looking at maybe 8 hours per a frame. Not worth it. This was done with a spinning lighting rig FYI!

I was very surprised when I did a test render of how this all fitted together. I had very very few changes between that and the final render you see. It is all rendered at the same quality as the image at the top of the thread. The videos are compressed to buggery. Partially to keep it provable as mine until the assignment is submitted, partially cause it takes up a lot of webspace at 720p30!

This is my first go at any animation. I had never used a 3D package until I bought LW9 and started this course. Never done modeling, never done scene composition in 3D.

My next project (and the script that I was originally going to do for this assignment) is called Graveyard Girl. A very sad script that I wrote. It will bring a tear to the eye.

Also, I'll release the textured models once I have my assignment marks back. I'm sure someone would want the cube or iMac.

01-10-2007, 09:39 AM
I wanted to hint at the Cube in the reflection as it turns to run. Um, I can see how it is a tad fast, and I really wanted the shockwave slower, but I had to keep the speed up. As it was I delayed the shockwave by 8? frames than what I originally had it.
Just an idea:

Right before the blast, instead of a pan to left, pause, and extremely fast pull back to stop, think of a pan to left while pulling back, once your pan stops, increase the acceleration of the pull back to your stop point. Also, sometimes something fun to try is a changing camera focal zoom setting while moving the camera forward or backward. This changes the perspective angle at two rates and adds a sence of vertigo.:D

Reece James
01-11-2007, 10:04 PM
It was something that I had considered but was unsure how to implement effectively. The reason for the pan left is to try and slow down the pace a little. Somewhat effective, but you are right, it could be done better. I'm 13 days out from the due date with the documentation yet to do. Fixed up a major glitch in the animation. Had a Dell falling through the floor. (Surprised no one spotted it) I'm also considering re rendering one other portion, but I'm tempted to leave it as it hasn't been spotted either.

01-12-2007, 07:34 AM
Had a Dell falling through the floor. (Surprised no one spotted it)
Cool, an Easter egg.:p