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06-17-2003, 06:39 PM
hi there, here is my problem :

i have many walk cycles i made(for one character) and saved them into separate files(hmot files). i'd like to know, if i add a new IK to my rig, does it affect the rest of the hmot cycles? i have a little guy driving a robot. at the beginning, i thought he wouldn't use his legs, so i let them in keyframe mode when i rigged the guy. but now, i need to animate them with IK. since i made all the walk cycles in the hmot files with keyframe, will it be a problem if i create an IK for the legs?
please help, i thank you for advance.... :)

motion mixer seems extremely powerfull, but i didn't find a lot of documentation about it....

06-17-2003, 07:02 PM
ok, i have my answer, yes, it's possible to do it. when you create the new IK, then it appears in all the other hmot files you created before. you just have to place the null goal of your IK where you want. in my case, in the other cycles, where i don't use the IK, i placed it so the legs are hidden, inside of the robot. sorry i'm not clear my english is extremely limited, please excuse. all i can say is that it works, it doesn't generate errors... it just adds your Ik in the other MM animations and you just have to edit these animations to take care of the IK...
i hope this will help those who would like to use the Motion Mixer.
Good bye!