View Full Version : Matte & Lightwave render combo

01-05-2007, 01:52 AM
For this scene, parked aircraft were modeled and placed at grid level and rendered alone. There were only about ten planes in the render, using GI for lighting, but the render still took a long time to complete. A book was purchased for me, d'Artiste "Matte Painting", which has excellent tutorials by Dylan Cole on digital matte creation (thak God for my Wacom Tablets and a plentiful source of public domain stock photos). The matte plate took about three days to create in Photoshop CS2, then the render of the aircraft was composited over the airstrip with painted cast shadows. The shot was finished off with a four plane formation making a pass over the runway from horizon to off-camera left. This plate was also used for a second shot for a "hero" craft to land near one of the hangars. Since the plate was created in Photoshop, I made sure to keep cloud and sky layers seperated from the building layers to allow animating once imported into Final Cut Pro. Yes, the line of aircraft is not aligned with the runway. This was intentional since the location is home to the Antagonist of my story (you know, off balanced). Many other shots will be done in a similar fashion to set apart aqnd enforce emotion. I still think I could have rendered more atmospherics, but volumetrics makes my Macintosh wince and cry like an itty bitty baby...