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06-17-2003, 03:56 PM
Want those missing plug-ins and new features from 7.5c but fewer of the hassles and crashes that people have encountered? You might want to try this. It appears to work (I'm still testing it). I will say that again and again here. I'm trying it, it appears to work, but it may not. Be prepared to revert to your original LW 7.5 if you run into a problem, and please, post it here so others are aware that something went wrong.
Please note that I have not fully tested and qualified this workaround. I am still reviewing it's usefulness, but it appears to work right now. I take NO responsibility if it doesn't work for you.

So here's what I'm doing now, in order to gain the benefits of 7.5c without the hassles:
1) COPY your entire LW application folder, and all it's contents to a secondary location. Rename it something nice like "good old lightwave" COPY all your lightwave preference files to a safe location in that "good old lightwave" folder.
2) Download and install 7.5c over the LW you left in your applications folder.
3) Create a new folder on your desktop called "Plugins" Copy ALL the plugins from the 7.5c installation in your applications folder.
4) Delete the contents of the Lighwave 3D 7.5 folder in your Applications folder.
5) Copy EVERYTHING from your "good old lightwave" backup into that folder (restoring your original 7.5 stuff)
6) Folder by folder, go through the Plugins folder you created on the desktop, adding all of them (and replacing the existing versions) to your Lightwave 3D 7.5:Plugins: folder
7) Launch Lightwave and hit Option-F11. Use "Scan Directory" and add the plugins.
8) Quit Lightwave, relaunch, and voila! You have 7.5 with the missing plugins, the DVView render options, and all the other new features of 7.5b/c.

What you don't have is the new LScript (2.6.1) which causes all sorts of problems, and the crashing Modeler application. As I said before, I'm still testing this out, but logically it should (and so far does) work.

06-17-2003, 04:16 PM
by all means keep us "spoiled children" &"7.5C-hicken sh*ts" posted on your results over the next couple of days ....Please!!!!
your a brave soul mlinde(of course, if it isnt working whats to loose?)

06-18-2003, 12:19 PM
Just curious.... how is 7.5"D" (denver variant=) working?

06-18-2003, 03:40 PM
Update 6/18/03 1500 MDT

I have been testing Layout with expressions, basically just running through some old samples and trying things as I go. At this point nothing has gone wrong.

If anyone else cares to join the fun, come on in.

I'm looking at is as if I acquired a number of plug-ins for 7.5 (which is basically all I did). So it's more like 7.5-alternate than 7.5-d(enver)

06-19-2003, 08:02 AM
i am gonna give it a whirl, here in a day or so when i get caught up.
to busy at the moment to deal with IIW ("intentionally introduced whackyness")
although it sounds as if its working well.....thanks for the update tho.

06-21-2003, 08:23 AM
You can also get the new LScript version by copying the new "lcore3" file into your lightwave programs folder. I haven't tried copying the new plugins but the first thing i did was get the new lscript - i needed it for a few plugs. It has worked without a glitch for ages now.


anyone know what to do with the my 2003 PMac come monday??

06-21-2003, 10:33 PM
Originally posted by joao
You can also get the new LScript version by copying the new "lcore3" file into your lightwave programs folder.

Actually, LScript is one of the things I'm trying to avoid, since there is a problem with it. (see the sticky bug list)

07-02-2003, 01:48 PM
I have seen the flurry of posts about 7.5b and c...are we all waiting for a less problematic version of LW (8?) or are large numbers of people succeeding with 7.5c?


07-02-2003, 04:28 PM
Chuck Baker says a large number of people are succeeding with 7.5c. I guess it depends on your personal needs. 7.5c is very functional, but has some specific bugs that mess with what I do, so I am running my hacked up 7.5, quite happily at this stage.

07-02-2003, 06:26 PM
I'm using 7.5c, I have confirmed some of the Lscript crashes but I don't really use them anyway - and I love Surface Mixer

07-02-2003, 08:02 PM
Originally posted by toby
I'm using 7.5c, I have confirmed some of the Lscript crashes but I don't really use them anyway - and I love Surface Mixer

well, then...odds are a greenhorn like me isn't even going to USE Lscripts..

...think I'm going to give it a whirl; I can always put things back the way they were if LW throws a hissy!