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12-30-2006, 04:01 PM
Hey there guys,
It's been a little while since I first posted on this site and I wanted to make the offer here one last time before I move on to somewhere else. I have a Video Toaster NT for sale. I made a big mistake when I bought it, I didn't realize that "Complete Editing System" wasn't a "Turnkey System." I also didn't realize that the amount of money involved to get the VT running. I spent over $3,000 for it and bought a $2,000 dual processer computer to run it only to find that it wasn't enough. Also needed to run it is a boatload of SCSI drives, a SCSI array and an upgrade from Newtek to run it on a Windows XP Pro system. To be honest, I tried installing it once with no luck (because of the operating system issues). Now I'm offering the Video Toaster NT system for $950. That's right I'm loosing out BIG TIME on this deal but my loss is your gain. I have spoken to Newtek about this and yes it is FULLY UPGRADEABLE to the current VT platform. Instead of buying the new VT [4] for thousands and then having to pay again for the VT [5], why not buy this one for under $1,000 and get the upgrade to VT [5] and only pay once.
This is a complete Video Toaster NT system with everything that originally came with it. It comes with the PCI Card, Software, One Set Of Cables, All Manuals and even the Original Box.
If it doesn't sell here, I'm prob going to have it installed into the dual processer Dell computer and I will be asking for at least $4,000 for it (without the SCSI array) but I doubt I would offer it here.
This is out of my own personal collection of filmmaking hardware I am selling in order to help raise funds for our next independent movie. I want to put every cent I raise into the production instead of an editing system. I do have a picture of the actual item if you would like to see. By purchasing this item you are helping a movie to get made. I have a bunch of different items such as comic books, toys, rare VHS movies and more I'm selling online as well. Remember, when you buy this VT you are helping independent cinema.
I have had the question of "Can I trust you?" come up and to be honest, I would rather sell it in a face to face transaction here in Las Vegas. That way there wouldn't be any question of trust. If you would like it shipped to you, I would conduct the transaction through Paypal and you would cover the cost of shipping.
So if you are Serious, please e-mail me at [email protected]

01-03-2007, 12:20 PM
Well, if trust is an issue, you could always put it on ebay with a "buy it now" price (especially if you have enough feedback to show you are trustworthy).

I simply do not need a VT, or I would have jumped on it last time it was here. I WANT one, but the missus tells me I also want a new fridge.....