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12-27-2006, 11:19 AM
From ResPower's Site


ResPower Inc, the world's first self-service render farm, is pleased to announce the Beta of version 2.0 of the Super/UV™ plug-in for LightWave Modeler. Super/UV makes it a breeze to create and edit UV maps in LightWave.

Early Ehlinger, president of ResPower, says "With Super/UV Pro, building UV maps in LightWave is simple. Just select the polygons, click a few buttons, and you're done. If you don't like the way LightWave arranged it, you can re-arrange it easily. No more endless unweld-move-and-weld cycles."

"Once you've arranged your UV map, export it to an .EMF template that you can color using an external paint package."

The old Super/UV Lite product has been discontinued since the Pro version is now free. There are now five features available for free in Super/UV Pro:

* SUVPolySnap: adjoins two polygons and snaps them together
* SUVPolyMove: lets you move polygons in UV space without re-welding points
* SUVPolyScale: allows polygon scaling in UV space
* SUVPolyRotate: allows polygon rotation in UV space for easier texturing
* SUVPolyStretch: allows polygon manipulation in UV space to distort the original scale
* SUVMapExport: converts UV to Enhanced Metafile Format (*.emf) for use with 2D graphics software
* SUVMapFit: scales polygons to fill UV space while maintaining their aspect ratio
* SUVFitStretch: scales polygons to fill UV space by distorting their original scale

These eight features make Super/UV PRO the ideal plug-in for UV mapping.

Available at http://www.respower.com/page_superuv , Super/UV makes it possible for the modeller to manipulate UV coordinates quickly and easily.

12-28-2006, 05:24 AM

Thanks a lot for pointing this plugin out :)

Best regards,

12-28-2006, 05:32 PM
Sounds interesting. Where are the demo videos? :)

12-28-2006, 09:09 PM
Sorry, no demo videos, but there is a tutorial:


12-28-2006, 09:27 PM
Aw.. My attention-span is too short for tutorials. ;)

12-28-2006, 10:48 PM
Sorry, no demo videos, but there is a tutorial:


Not trying to be an *** or anything...but a tutorial on how to UV map a perfect Cube is not really (IMO) a way to demonstrate a UV plugin, ok ok the plugin is free and all, but even so... the tutorial really didn't do any justice on what this plugin can achieve IMO...

Anyway, thanks for the free tool :)

12-29-2006, 10:42 PM
No, the tut really doesn't do it justice. I've been too busy working on the plug-in and the render farm (www.respower.com) to put together something impressive.

So I went for showing how the tools work, not what's possible. Obviously unwrapping a cube into a box isn't impressive. What was neat was seeing how quickly you can produce impressive UV maps for things like tanks.

Somebody said on another forum that they were going to put a better tutorial together. I'll post a link if they do. If anybody here is willing to do one, I'd be willing to host it.

In the mean time, try it out. It is free after all. And if you come up with a neat workflow or tip, let me know.

12-29-2006, 10:50 PM
Aw.. My attention-span is too short for tutorials. ;)

Skip it then. There's not all that much to learn. Start with an empty UV map, add polys with the built-in poly-norm UV tool, and rearrange w/ SuperUV. PolySnap is the workhorse.

Download and play with it. You'll get the hang of it in about 5 minutes

12-30-2006, 02:59 AM
try d 4king ting nah!!! Gosh yuh cyah please allyuh peple eh ... steups!
Look earlye I go try it out, and give yuh a just response. tanks for d plugin!!
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Cheers earle! and thanks !!

01-04-2007, 08:56 AM
I just found out that it works with sub-patches. Cool!

01-04-2007, 09:51 AM
looking forward the OSX version :)