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12-20-2006, 08:55 AM
Is it possible to use FX_HardLink on a light? In this case I need a point light to follow a swinging lamp. There is no option to add FX_HardLink in the light properties panel. In addition I thought of parenting it to a null, but the null doesn't respond to the FX_HardLink displacement plugin.

Any ideas would be great.



12-20-2006, 06:10 PM
"the FX_HardLink displacement plugin"

You already gave the answer to why hardlink doesn't work in this case. It's a displacement plugin, it controls point animation. It displaces all the points in a mesh by an equal amount. You need a motion modifier, which controls item animation.

Your options are to use a parent2point plugin (=motion modifier) or use the MakePath function hidden in the Commands button in the EditFX tab of the FX (cloth, soft, hard) you are using. It will bake out the path for the selected point to a null. Then just parent the light to the null or copy (save and load) the motion onto the light. Personally I prefer the first option as it is interactive, meaning you won't have to rebake anything if you change the FX. However if I remember correctly most or all (1 or 2) publicly available scripts/plugins are always one frame behind (in the viewport, I think maybe they rendered ok).

12-20-2006, 08:08 PM
maybe this will help:


12-20-2006, 11:23 PM
Are you animating the lamp using dynamics? There are other ways to get it to swing like:
manually animating it
using a texture in one of the rotational channels
other motion modifiers such as noisy channel or oscillator.

If you use those its easy to parent the light to the lamp.