View Full Version : Coming soon to a Dr’s Office near you.

12-18-2006, 08:54 PM
Here are some art-print style renders. I envision them printed around 3’ x 3’. I am quite pleased with what I got out of a couple spheres, a box, an area light and a dash of refraction.

C + C welcome.

I figure any color changes will be made on an office-waiting-room to office-waiting-room basis. I am thinking lawyers.

I am wondering if people will like the smooth shading or should I try to get a little more grain. …noise? Remember, three feet.

I live in Orlando, FYI, so please keep that in mind as far as helping me brainstorm the sort of places that I could whore out my artistic wares.

…ooo Coffee Shops just came to mind .

LOL…slapping on a black suit and schlepping around some honking big prints will be fun : )