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12-12-2006, 09:14 PM
lets say there is a number of locations in surface where i would like to replace or add an object, say a tree. is there a way either in layout or modeller to replace certain points or 2 point polys (much like the luxigon plugin) maybe on a certain layer... i guess what i'm after is something like the luxigon plugin, but for objects...i thought something like this already existed, but either i dreamt it or i'm not looking in the right places.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



12-12-2006, 11:14 PM
Hey Sydneysider, depends on how much info you need. For a single Partigon on a layer, Items/Replace/Replace with... or FXLinker?

The Luxigon just specifies the light info...

Not really sure what you mean. I 'm guessing that's what you are talking about; being able to set a point where you want it in the model and convert in Layout to something else?


12-13-2006, 01:34 AM
Hello Davo

You can use the "point clone plus" command in modeller (Multiply tab) to duplicate a foreground objet in the location of the background points of the background objet (with attributes for variyng the clones)

Hope this could help and excuse my bad english

12-13-2006, 03:40 AM
Thanks for that steph, qiute useful and just what i wanted, i knew it was possible just couldn't remember the location.