View Full Version : Adding a Dynamic to an object resets the objects position, rotation etc

12-07-2006, 07:57 AM
Hi all. Iíve done searches for this problem and canít find any references to it so Iím not sure if itís a software bug or an ability bug on my part.

I have an Object (soft drink can) in Layout and Iím trying to add tiny bubbles (spritzing) to it. I add the Object to the Scene, go to its Properties > Dynamics and Add Dynamic > Emitter. Everything fine so far. Then I move or rotate the Object to a new position, everything still fine. As soon as I go to edit the Dynamic the Object resets itself to the original position in the Scene i.e. itís Position, Rotation etc all go back to 0,0,0. This happens also if I add the Dynamic after moving the Object.

This seems to be version 9 problem as it doesnít seem to happen in 8.5.
It happens in both versions 9 and the Open Beta of 9.2.
Has something changed in version 9 that Iím not doing correctly thatís causing it to happen? As Iím running a MacPro Iíve tried it in WinXP and it works fine so it definitely seems to be a Mac issue.

It also seems to happen to all Dynamics so I presume itís potentially a huge problem which is why I was surprised that I couldnít find any other references to it on the forums.

Apologies if itís me and not a software issue.

Icegiant (Intel Mac 2.6, 2 Gigs Ram OS 10.4.8)

12-07-2006, 09:18 AM
It doesn't seem to be as I can add an emitter quite happily. Do you have Autokey on?