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06-16-2003, 05:27 PM
RHS Productions Incorporated, in association with Animate 2000, is looking for 3D model makers and sculptors on a work for hire basis for their animated production “Kunoichi Monogatari: Tale of the Deadly Flowers”.

Kunoichi Monogatari follows the lives of two young and orphaned girls in 16th century Japan. Taken in by Lady Chiyome, a woman known for taking in orphans and training them in the art of espionage, this twenty-two episode series (slated for a late 2003 release) will follow the intense training and missions that our two heroines must go through to survive a war torn Japan.

As with the story, it is our goal to make this production as authentic as possible, paying extreme attention to historical Japanese traditions, as well as, period sets, weapons, clothing and dress.

For those interested in working on this project, our company will provide conceptual outfit, weapons, set and clothing designs, as well as, character designs and 3D body scans, that will need clean-up work and character rigging done on them. We will also need several modelers that are skilled in organic modeling, helping us to achieve ultimate realism to the 3D actors.

For more information and to submit your resume, as well as, your current rates, please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you,

J.D. Kammerer
RHS Productions Incorporated