View Full Version : Search Mode in LW v8.5 Help

12-02-2006, 11:38 PM
Is there a way to do a name search in :lwicon: v8.5 Help?

When I click on Help: Contents, I get a page that looks like I've gone to a :newtek: :lwicon: website for help. Once this pops up, I get a list of the alphabet to which, I go to the corresponding letter, and then, I get a 2 letter alphabetical listing. From there, different commands and other content appear with a list of numbers beside them. Then, I have to select each number to see categories under the help name I selected. There are lots of times that I can NEVER find the specific HELP that I'm looking for.

Is there any way to cut through all the red tape and get right to the SPECIFIC Help that I need. Most programs have a search mode to find what you want, but I cannot seem to find one in :lwicon: to just type in a topic name and get a solution to my problem.

tHANX for all help in advance!