View Full Version : modeler wonīt start! please help

11-30-2006, 08:18 AM
For some reason the modeler wonīt start anymore. This has been mentioned before by other users, but nothing seems to help.
There is no active firewall, I have reinstalled LightWave, deleted all cfg-files and updated the already up-to-date sentinel driver. Everything worked till yesterday.
If I remove the dongle, the modeler application starts fine. With the dongle attached it hangs during startup, it wonīt synchronize files that are loaded within layout and it hangs again when I close the modeler. Actually I have to kill the process almost everytime I want to quit modeler.
There is no antivirus and no firewall active! The dongle does not seem to be out of order because Layout does not complain and does not run in discovery mode.
So what is this and how can I fix it???:compbeati