View Full Version : Individual Scaling of Faces

11-30-2006, 02:05 AM
Hi there,

I ve had a little modelling issue during my last project concerning "individual scaling of faces".

During the modelling of a mobile device, I wanted to add a fixed number of holes (for ventilation).I achieved a suitable result with Multishift (all holes have the same size now).

Taking a closer look to the original, I noticed different sizes of the holes(first line 100%, second line 90%, third line 80% etc.). Sure, i can scale every hole manually, but it would be great to select the lines and scale them all in one operaration.The regular "scaletool" didnt work for me because it takes the whole selection and scales it towards the "actioncenter" of the selection, and not every face from its individual center.

Is there any operation that allows me to scale multiple faces without adding geometry?