View Full Version : Bone Problems in 8.5

11-29-2006, 05:23 AM

I haven't been to a LW forum for ages. Anyway, I have a big problem.

I just set up a quick character with skelegons and converted them to bones (like you usually do). I tested the bones quickly to see if they worked and everything was OK. Then I set all the appropriate parenting, recorded the pivot rotations, etc... But when I tried rotating one of the bones that had not been directly connected to the main skeleton, the mesh did not deform. I checked everything: If the bones were active, tried it with weight maps, the bones were rested, etc... but none of the bones which were not directly connected to the main skeleton would deform the mesh. Only those bones that were directly connected from the root bone could deform the mesh.

Is that a bug or what?

Just to let you know that I have checked everything as usual but my model still doesn't have full deformation.

Revanto :p

PS: Oh, does anyone know who made that video braid tutorial that came out ages ago? I think it was an official Newtek one.