View Full Version : A coupple of questions regarding Vue & Lightwave.

11-28-2006, 12:09 PM
I am just to begin a rather large project that will be so much better if the landscapes are done properly...

and VUE seems perfect for this, however I must be able to render in Layout - and not Vue.

Can Vue 6 Infinite for Mac export models to Lightwave? or are there any other way of solving such a workflow.

(I do NOT own previous versions of Vue, and Vue 6 Xstreme is NOT available for the Mac yet, neither is the older version)

A second question, is it possible to upgrade Vue intinite to Xstreme?


11-28-2006, 12:20 PM
Seems infintie exports both objects and scenes to Lightwave...


Anyone with experience?

11-28-2006, 01:45 PM
It seems "*EcoSystems cannot be exported"... bummer...

Difficult decision this VUE thing...