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11-27-2006, 07:17 PM

Just trying to learn how to use Fprime this weekend. I ended up learning a bit about it, creating animations, and batch fx processing in Photoshop ( oooOOOOooo i like that a lot).

Sorry there are more credits than lightwave stuff.

These started out as Fprime render toys. The first one only got to "cook" for about an hour and a half...I was excited because it was my first vid render, but it was rough around the edges so I batched the images in Pshop (gausse blur and watercolor filter i think).

Second one was going to be a properly cooked render, but I hadn't saved my 1337 surface (1 surface covers them all : ) so i whipped up another one. This one got to render for about 2 hours and I adjusted the colors and added some outline effect in Pshop.

These are sketches, a bonus from learning about Fprime; but they are definitely finished, cuz I aint touching tham again. I kind of like it for the time I spent on it. I feel like I got a lot of mileage out of a box and a sphere : ) It is a bit on the early 90's "look ma, cg" side, but it is a "sketch".

Please go check it out, but don't fall into the crackhouse, aka youtube, unless you wish to : )




...and it moves!