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11-24-2006, 09:59 AM

I am new to :newtek:

I am in a process of setting up a small community tv station - I read a lot of reviews about Tricaster pro and got quite impressed. I ordered one from this one dealer (not sure I can mention their name here) - I can't wait for 2 more days - so paid 200 bucks extra for 2 days air shipping -

The package arrived - I was so shocked - they send me an opened/returned item - I open it and I see the unit looks new but is having the warranty sticker broken and 2 screws at the bottom missing.

It looks like somebody tampered it and returned it. As I was in a hurry - this CSR sold that piece to me. I really wanted to make use of these 4 days to set this up. So I was so eager to get one right away. When I ordered over the phone he never mentioned its an open box. I would have said NO right away.
Now I have the stuff with me - I don't want to power it since its tampered. They are closed for the holidays - I left 2 messages. The website says 15% restocking fee. I paid around 8K for the package.

I really want to power up and see - how it works
I am so disappointed - What are my options here?

Who should I contact - what exactly I should do?
Someone please advise.
Thank you

11-24-2006, 10:35 AM
Not that there is anything wrong with posting here, but there is also a Tricaster section of the forums that you could also try. It might get some more exposure by some TriCaster knowledgable folks.