View Full Version : "Rotate offset" tool???

11-23-2006, 09:59 AM
Move Path tool is cool... But I dont find the same tool for the rotation..

Is it me or this tool doesn't exist?

Dave Jerrard
11-24-2006, 01:00 PM
That functionality was removed for LightWave 6.0. Previously, LightWave did not support independent motion channels. When you created a keyframe, you created keys for all 9 channels. If you wanted to move a key for rotation forward or backward in time, you had to move all the keys for position and scale as well. Since each keyframe always had 9 channel keys, a path could be rotated quite easily.

Now you can have a keyframe that only has keys on a single channel. Imagine a motion of a ball bouncing straight down the Z axis. It could have only two keys ont eh Z axis and several on the Y axis. Since there's no motion on the X axis, it would only have the initial key at frame 0. The path can be moved easily since all keys on a given channel would just have the same offset applied. You can't rotate the path though - there's no end key on the X channel, which is needed to define the location of the end of the motion path. One could be created, but where should it be placed? Also, adding new keys can drastically affect the motion of the item, especially when tension, bias and beziers are used. If we could rotate the path, we still have a problem with item rotations... If the ball was rolling forward on its pitch as it bounced, and we could rotate the path 90 degrees, the ball would be bouncing sidways along the X axis, but it would still be rolling toward the X axis, spinning like a football now.

The only way to rotate a path is to parent the item to a null and then rotate the null. I wish there was a way that LightWave could do this kind of path translation internally, but for now, this is about it - use a null.

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